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While rummaging through the news today I came across something I had not yet been savvy to. In Kentucky there is an art project of epic proportions being constructed. Epic is not an overstatement in this case. It is a true to size rendition of Noah’s Biblical Ark. Complete with animals in case you were wondering. This in itself thus far is quite the spectacle and I must admit I spent quite a few moments admiring its photos and videos that were available for public viewing. I am outraged over the building of this ark!

Why? You may be asking. Because the State of Kentucky’s government is assisting in “funding” this project. Therefore it is also being “sanctioned” by the state’s governement.

I am truly apalled by this act of wreckless government spending. While as a Christian I applaud the effort by the artist(‘s), I am sickened by the thought that I have a friend from Kentucky who has expressed to me in the past how the economy is terrible there. It may be on the way up these days, but I do know for a fact that unemployment is still very high in the state compared to years passed. I do not approve or condone any form of government funding Religious practices including “art” projects. As much as many of my fellow Christian’s would like to believe, our country was in fact, NOT founded as a “Christian Nation”. It WAS however, founded based on the principles of free thinking and freedom of religion for all (it is not a pick and choose scenario folks, regardless of how much you would like to make it so, or not make it so).

God Bless



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