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I hope this first blog back from the Thanksgiving holiday finds everyone happy and safely home, ready to return to the endless grind of household chores and office responsibilities. I want to start this off by saying that as someone who has written countless papers on my faith, read the bible multiple times and done the best I could manage to absorb as much as humanly possible of it….I was humbled today by a 15 year old “kid”. The truth is that this kid was not who humbled me, it was the power of God working and speaking through him. I could see the looks on the faces of some of our older church members when he took the stage wearing a pastoral earpiece mic. They were dazed and confused. Some of the visitors had looks of (very brief) disbelief on their faces. I say brief because they quickly faded once he opened his mouth. He spoke like a veteran pastor. If he was nervous about being the first person under the age of 25 (give or take a few years) to speak in front of a full congregation (for two straight services at that) I couldn’t see it, in the pre-service briefing and run through and certainly not in the message. It may sound like I am trying to earn brownie points with his parents by my next few statements but I assure you I am not. When Jessica and myself entered the stage two membership class at church, I met his mom. She was great. I knew I would like her as soon as I saw her tattoo on her shoulder/neck area. She embodied what I was looking for in a church family. Different. And please do not think I mean that negatively, I grew up strict southern style COG. Teaching a membership class with a visible tat would have NEVER been accepted back in those days. By any pastor for that matter. But to me that tattoo that I am sure she would probably go back and change told me that EVERYONE was accepted here. Sinners, saints, outcasts, people who walked their own path for a while before decided to come to God, etc. That fits me more than many people know. Non-judgementalism to me, is as close to perfection in my church family as I could ask. It wasn’t long before I met her husband. Truly great and talented guy. Our bassist to be exact, and an awesome one at that. They have a whole family of talented kids to, and in laws and sisters that are just as well. Their oldest boy is our drummer, and well on his way to a making quite the career in college of playing drums. I don’t really know any of the kids personally, but I do speak from what I have seen. The kid on the stage this morning was from great spiritual stock. A genuine love of God, and willingness to do whatever it takes to get that word out there. The message itself was about having RELENTLESS faith, and because of hearing it, I am certain I will be mentioning it in other blogs. But it never ceases to amaze me how I can go to church, work both services, and leave with no clue what the spoken message was about, yet take so much more from it. Another message entirely if you will. Often I have to download the sermons to listen to at work to catch back up everything I missed. The message could not have been more clear to me this morning though. If I am unable to give my newborn son Christian anything else, I hope to breed that stock into him. Willingly of course, I would never force my faith down his throat, but to show him, to lead by example, the way that the parents I spoke of earlier have done, and continue to do daily. This Thanksgiving holiday wrap up leaves with me this to say: I am thankful for many things, my wife, my son, my loving family (both new and old, blood and not), my pastor and church staff, and the church family that, like these parents, teach me more and more by the day. If either of you are reading, we love you guys, you are the best.

“My own little world is not about me”



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  1. Fallon Jones Says:

    I was very moved by this 15 yr old intern at church… He spoke all the right things, I would of loved to hear him talk all day bout this very thing because so many people turn there backs and we forget yes I said we cause I do as well that God is there for us chasing us trying to catch us from doing all the bad things in life that we choose to do… But, I am through being chased I am completely ready to not be chased anymore…. I want to be filled with God throughout because without him life is just simply not right….

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