As I type, it is 2:30 AM and getting close to my little boy’s 3AM feeding time. While I sit here many things are bouncing off of the walls of my brain. One thing that stands out the most however is forgivenss. It is a simple, three syllable word. For many it is not a problem and for others the deprivity of this simple little word can eat them alive. Things as simple as a tiny fight they had years ago with a friend that ended their friendship still are harbored today and eat at them causing massive amounts of stress. Stress for many reasons but mostly over pondering if it is too late to try to make that situation right, or even still being bullheaded enough to believe that they were not at fault in any way.

In any event, when we forgive people we aren’t doing it to set them free, although that is generally the goal. There is more to it, something underlying. When you forgive someone, even if you only do it in your heart and never speak the words, it sets you free. And in todays world, we have enough to worry about without harboring a stupid grudge from years passed. In closing I would like to steal one of my own facebook status updates from a day or so ago.

It does not take a big person to carry a grudge, just to let go of one.

God bless, and good night



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